Why Buy Used?

It's no secret that buying a new car can be expensive. One way to save money on your next vehicle purchase is to consider buying a used car instead.

There are many advantages to buying a used car. For one, they are typically much cheaper than their brand-new counterparts. This means that you can get more car for your money and potentially even save enough to put towards other expenses.

Additionally, used cars have already taken the biggest hit to their value, meaning that they won't depreciate as quickly as a new car. This can save you money…
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What Is Gap Insurance?

While most people have a lot of important questions when purchasing a vehicle - some of the most important questions that can get overlooked is how to best protect your total investment. When you budget for a new or pre-owned vehicle, you should think about whether you have room in that budget for those protections. One big important protection is Gap Insurance. So, what is Gap Insurance and why is it important?

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The New CarFare

Hello! My name is Clay Toporski and I am the General Sales Manager at CarFare in Summerville, SC. In February, I took over running the used car store, which is a part of the larger Hoover Automotive Group that includes two other Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM stores. One is located in Summerville and the other in Moncks Corner. I am writing this post because I think it is time for our store to get active on social media and for any readers to get a better understanding of how we run our business.
First, I'll give y'all…
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Trade In Your Car At Carfare Summerville!

Get top dollar for your trade, right here at your hometown used car dealer! Our team has made the trade-in process simple, making it easy to find out what your car is worth – and even easier to upgrade to a newer ride! 

At Carfare Summerville, we provide a diverse selection of quality, pre-owned vehicles from all the top auto brands – like Ford, Jeep, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Dodge, and more! But don’t worry, we’ll buy your used car even if you don’t buy one of ours! 

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How to Determine the Quality of a Used Car

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is an affordable alternative to buying new. Used cars not only boast a lower sticker price, but lower insurance rates too. Plus, they depreciate more slowly! That said, there is some risk involved. Unless you buy from a trusted source, you may not know much about the vehicle’s past, which could lead to unforeseen issues down the road. 


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Should a Technician Validate Your Used Car?

Cruising home in a new vehicle is exciting but buying a pre-owned one often comes with an element of uncertainty. While your vehicle won’t cost as much as a brand-new model up front, it could come with significant repair fees down the road – if you don’t take the proper precautions! 

Getting a professional vehicle inspection before you buy is one of the best ways to ensure that your potential purchase is a great value. Here at Carfare Summerville, our trusted team knows vehicles inside and out – and we know quality when we see it! 

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Which Used Cars Have Increased in Value for 2022?

Drivers know that it's a tricky time to buy a car, with even used vehicles soaring in price. When searching for a reliable ride that fits your budget, it’s wise to consider the car’s resale value. Some vehicles boast a higher expected value, meaning that they’ll retain their value over time – and pay off big when you trade in your car!

For those looking to make an investment, these used vehicles have shown the biggest boost in resale value so far this year:

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Six Simple Car Care Tips For Winter Weather 

October is National Car Care Month, making it the perfect time to prepare your vehicle for the colder winter months ahead. While our region won’t experience the same snowy conditions that plague the northern states, cooler temperatures and icy roads will likely feature in the forecast. These conditions require your vehicle to be in top-notch shape – especially to maintain performance and efficiency.

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New Ride. No Guesswork: Carfare Summerville Provides Used Car Buying Transparency

Take advantage of CARFAX Advantage™! The CARFAX Advantage™ Dealer Program sets apart CARFAX-subscribing dealers that are committed to transparency. As a CarFax Advantage Dealer, Carfare Summerville has unlimited access to CarFax reports, so you can leave our lot feeling confident in your purchase.

CarFax has been trusted as the vehicle history expert for decades and is a credible source for those in the market to buy a used car. CarFax gives us the ability to receive important information about a vehicle’s history from more than 91,000 data sources. 

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